I.       The Connections Team is created to (1) explore the involvement of Memorial Baptist Church in meeting the needs of citizens of the community through partnerships with existing organizations and (2) to develop additional outreach efforts as needed.


II.    The Connections Team membership shall consist of any member of the congregation who desires to be involved in community service ministries. The Nominating Committee shall propose a core leadership team of 3-5 people to the church for approval. The core leadership team shall serve without term limits.


III. From the core leadership team, a team leader shall be selected. This person shall ensure:


A.  Community service organizations are surveyed to determine how MBC could be involved.

B.  Additional community service projects to meet unmet needs are explored and plans made to carry them out.

C.  Maintain and publish a menu of opportunities for community service opportunities.

D.  Encourage members of the congregation to become involved in community service through all identified opportunities.



Approved by Memorial Baptist Church May 14, 2014