Committee Members

Dylan Tackett

Lindsay Hammond

Ruth Wiley

Jennifer Ringrose

Victoria Wallace

Policies and Procedures

Recreation Committee


I.  Committee Membership


            The recreation committee shall consist of five members.


II. Committee Duties and Responsibilities


           A.    The Recreation Committee shall have overall responsibility to coordinate and oversee the recreational                            programs of the church.

           B.     The Recreation Committee shall be responsible for planning and carrying out games and other activities at                    church-wide fellowships and other special events such as summer Sunday nights, Upward sponsored                            activities, VBS, etc.

           C.     The Recreation Committee shall be responsible for coordinating activities pertaining to church- sponsored                    sports teams.


III. Policies and Procedures


            A.    The recreation committee shall:

1.     Review purchases made benefiting any approved sports team.

2.     Approve coaches for all church-sponsored sports activities.

3.     Review and provide the Stewardship Committee with information pertaining to league fees for any church-sponsored teams for payment approval.

4.     Promote recreational activities as a means for outreach to non-Christians and individuals who are not attending a local church.

           B.     Coaches approved by the recreation committee shall:

1.     Be held responsible for providing schedule information for practices or games to the 

Church secretary for publication of said practices or games for each church sponsored


2.     Provide a Christian atmosphere for practices and game situations.  Prayers are encouraged to be held before and after said games.

3.     Provide copies of schedules and league rules to each participant of each church-sponsored team. 

4.     Require conformance with all league rules by each participant.

           C.     Each participant in church-sponsored athletic events shall:

1.     Exhibit a Christ-like attitude and good sportsmanship while playing for any church- sponsored team.

2.     Attend church services at Memorial Baptist Church.

3.     Conform to all league rules for the team they are participating on.

4.     Be considerate in giving coaches prior notice to planned absences from practices and games, to the extent that prior notice is possible.

           D.    Members and other attendees of Memorial Baptist Church shall:

1.     Exhibit a Christ-like attitude and good sportsmanship while observing any church-sponsored athletic or recreational event. 

2.     Conform with all league rules pertaining to spectators at said events.



Approved by Memorial Baptist Church May 14, 2014