Committee Members

Paula Collins

Sharon Parrent

Kela Cammack

Millie McClain

Wayne Dunn

Ronnie Dunn

Policies and Procedures

Teller Committee


I.     Committee Membership


A.  The Teller Committee shall consist of six members. They shall be divided into three teams with two members on each team

            B.  Members of the Teller Committee shall serve indefinite terms, subject to the desires of the membership.                         There shall be no formal rotation of members of this committee.


II.           Committee Duties and Responsibilities


      A.  Assisting in the counting and depositing of offerings collected during church services and                                                 special events. Each team will perform its duties on a monthly rotating basis.

B.  Making recommendations to the church for improving the handling and record keeping of church offerings           and other receipts.

C.  Assisting the Stewardship Committee, the Auditing Committee, and auditors (if any) in reviewing financial             procedures and financial records.


III. Policies and Procedures


A.  It shall be the policy of Memorial Baptist Church to maintain confidentiality regarding member giving.                     Giving information gained by the Teller Committee during the course of performing its duties shall be                     retained and used only for those purposes specified in these policies/procedures.

B.  The Teller Committee members on duty for the month will meet the financial secretary or designee at the               financial institution with which offerings and other receipts are deposited on the first business day after                 Sunday Worship services. The committee shall conduct the following:

           1.  The financial secretary will retrieve the bank deposit bags deposited by a member of the Stewardship                     Committee and, with the Teller Committee members, proceed to the counting area.

           2.  The financial secretary will open the bank deposit bags in the presence of the Teller Committee                                 members assigned for the month.

           3.  The financial secretary will separate the offering envelopes into three groups:

                       a. Those containing budget offerings only,        

                       b. Those containing Building Fund offerings, and

                        c. Those containing designated or special offerings.

            4. Loose offerings (offerings not in an envelope) will also be kept separate.

                        a. The financial secretary will complete an offering envelope for each check in loose offerings.

                        b. Cash and coins will be counted and recorded on the bank deposit form.

5.   Teller Committee members will open offering envelopes and verify that the amount recorded on the  envelope agrees with the enclosed amount. Tellers will examine each check making sure it is properly filled  out and signed. The check number will be noted on the offering envelope. Envelopes from Group 3(a) will  be counted first. All cash offerings should be counted by at least two members of the committee to insure  accuracy.4

6.   The financial secretary will produce an adding machine tape of Building Fund offerings. This tape will be  proofread and verified by the financial secretary and the tellers. Envelopes containing Building Fund offerings will be kept separate from all other envelopes.

7.   After verifying the tape for the Building Fund offerings is correct, tellers will open the envelopes in Group 3(b) and repeat step 5.

            8.   The financial secretary will record each designated offering on the recording form

            9.   The financial secretary will stamp each check “for deposit” and then total all checks using an adding                              machine that produces a tape record.

          10.  The tellers will proofread this tape to verify it accuracy.

          11.  The financial secretary will complete the bank deposit form for deposit into the proper church accounts.

          12.  The tellers will verify the amounts deposited into each account, and they and the financial secretary will                         deposit all funds.

          13.  One or both tellers will accompany the financial secretary to the bank lobby, and the financial secretary will                   deposit all funds.



Approved by Memorial Baptist Church May 14, 2014