Committee Members

David Starkey

Benny Young

Greg Roush

Mark Hatfield

Policies and Procedures

I.  Committee Membership


      A.  The Transportation Committee shall consist of at least five members.

B.  Federal Regulations require a CDL permit if the bus weighs more than 26,000 lbs. GVWR. A bus will also require a CDL if it has more than 15 passengers (including the driver) regardless of the weight. A bus will require a (P) passenger endorsement along with the CDL if there are more than 15 passengers (including the driver). Therefore, at least two members should have the correct licensing requirement.


II.  Committee Duties and Responsibilities


A.  The Transportation Committee shall develop and maintain policies and procedures governing the use of church-owned vehicles.

      B.  The Transportation Committee shall evaluate and recommend to the church adequate numbers and sizes of                 vehicles to meet the transportation needs of the church.

C.  The Transportation Committee shall coordinate the use of church vehicles for all planned church trips and local activities. This will require notification to the transportation committee if transportation is required.

      D.  The Transportation Committee shall identify and ensure the availability of qualified drivers for all trips                           using church-owned vehicles.

      E.  The Transportation Committee shall arrange for adequate training of prospective drivers and refresher                           training on an appropriate frequency for all approved drivers.

F.   The Transportation Committee shall provide for adequate maintenance and repair of church-owned vehicles.

      G.  The Transportation Committee shall develop local routes for church vehicles to utilize for picking up                               attendees.

      H.  The Transportation Committee shall ensure that adequate insurance coverage exists for vehicles and                             drivers and there is an updated “authorized driver” list maintained in the church office.


III. Policies and Procedures


A.  It is the intent of Memorial Baptist Church to provide for the safe, qualified and necessary transportation needs for its members and programs.

B.  It is the policy of Memorial Baptist Church that when the bus or van is used for any and all children and youth pick-ups, drop-offs, and trips, there shall be two adults aboard the vehicle. The preference should be one male and one female adult, but an acceptable alternative would be two adults.

      C.  It is the policy of Memorial Baptist Church to comply with all transportation laws and regulations when                          using church-owned and operated vehicles.

D.  It is the policy of Memorial Baptist Church to require all personally-owned vehicles to be operated in                                conformance with transportation laws and regulations when such vehicles are being used to transport                          individuals for official church functions.


IV. General Vehicle Policy


      A. Any use of MBC-owned transportation will comply with all church policies and  procedures as well as all                        Federal, State and Local traffic laws. 

      B. All passengers shall remain seated and seat belted when church-owned vehicles are in motion.

      C. All passengers are expected to be courteous, respectful, and helpful to fellow passengers during trips                             and while loading and unloading.

      D. No littering shall occur from church-owned vehicles. No materials shall be thrown from vehicles.

E. Passengers shall keep all aisles and any doorways and emergency exits clear during transit.

F.  A high level of cleanliness shall be maintained while utilizing MBC-owned transportation and a                  thorough cleaning after transportation is complete.

G. Copies of all church policies regarding its vehicles shall be maintained on each vehicle for the                         information of the Driver, Leader and passengers.


V.   Driver and Leader Responsibilities


     A.  All Drivers will obey all federal and state traffic laws. 

     B.  All Drivers will obey Federal and State cell phone usage and texting laws and should make every effort                           to utilize a co-driver or event leader to make and receive phone calls and message while utilizing                                     MBC-owned transportation for any movement of the vehicle.

    C.  Where possible, all Drivers shall familiarize themselves with routes to be driven in advance of taking the                         trip.

    D.   All Drivers will inspect the vehicle utilizing inspection sheets in the vehicle prior to the trip and make all                           necessary and required entries.

    E.   Drivers shall designate a spotter for backing up, if needed.

    F.   Drivers are authorized to make necessary emergency repairs as needed during a trip. All invoices for                               repairs made shall be maintained and shall be turned into the church office for bill payment or                                         reimbursement purposes.

    G.  If a major repair is needed, the Driver should contact the Administrative Assistant, if possible, by calling                         502-223-8215.

    H.  Upon return the Driver will conduct a vehicle inspection, complete the log book and annotate any                                     deficiencies, ensure the cleanliness of the vehicle, and ensure the vehicle is refueled.

      I.  The Driver is responsible for familiarizing the vehicle Leader with the responsibilities of that position.                              The Driver shall provide the Leader with a copy of written responsibilities when necessary.

    J.  A Leader shall be present, as a general rule, on trips in MBC-owned vehicles to ensure the safety of the                            passengers and to allow the driver to focus on driving responsibilities.

    K.  The Leader is responsible for informing passengers of general policies for the vehicle in use prior to the                         event or trip.

    L.  The Leader will be responsible for determining the number of passengers before and after a trip and                               conduct an accurate “head count” to ensure no passengers are left behind.

    M.  The Leader is responsible for coordinating the loading and unloading of passengers.

    N.  The Leader is responsible for ensuring the cleanliness of the vehicle after the trip is completed.

    O.  The Leader is responsible for providing any necessary trip items such as water, coolers, and cups.

    P.   The Leader should be responsible for leading the group in prayer prior to departing for the event or trip.



Approved by Memorial Baptist Church July 9, 2014