Committee Members

Brian Tackett

Debbie Hatfield

Trina Wallace

Sharon Parrent

Greg Roush

Policies and Procedures

Personnel Committee


I.      Committee Membership


            A.    The Personnel Committee shall consist of five members.


II.    Committee Duties and Responsibilities


           A.    The Personnel Committee shall be responsible for:

           B.     Overseeing general and specific personnel matters which come before the church.

           C.     Proposing to the church candidates to fill full-time and part-time church ministerial and staff positions except              for the position of the Pastor.

           D.    Performing routine personnel management duties.


III. Policies and Procedures


           A.    The Personnel Committee shall, in conjunction with church ministers, staff, committees, and organizations,                  annually survey church needs for additional positions or reformulation of existing positions as resources allow.            Recommendations shall be made to the church body for approval.

           B.     Vacancies

1.      The Personnel Committee shall recruit, interview, and recommend prospective employees to fill existing staff vacancies and newly created positions.

2.      The committee shall consult with the Senior Pastor and any minister, staff person, committee, or program having responsibility for that area of the church’s ministry.

          C.     Job Descriptions

1.      The Personnel Committee shall develop job descriptions for new positions.

2.      The Personnel Committee shall annually review existing job descriptions to ensure that job descriptions are currently appropriate to carry out the missions of the church.

3.      When it is determined that a new position is required or that an existing job description should be modified, the Personnel Committee shall present the proposed job description to the church for approval.

4.      The Personnel Committee shall provide a copy of the appropriate job description to each staff person who is employed by the church.

5.      Job descriptions for the following positions are attached to these policies and procedures:

a.      Student Pastor 

b.      Administrative Assistant.  See Attachment 2

         D.    Salaries

1.      The Personnel Committee shall develop and recommend salaries and benefits for all church employees except the Senior Pastor

2.      The committee shall meet and approve salary increase proposals as part of the annual budget preparation process. The Deacons will provide information regarding the Senior Pastor’s salary package adjustment for the Personnel Committee’s use.

3.      Annual salary adjustment, if any may be applied differently for different staff persons, depending on a variety of factors including vocational experience, tenure at Memorial Baptist Church, performance, and any unique circumstances which may arise.

4.      Salaries and other staff payments including one-time payments shall be paid in accordance with Internal Revenue Service requirements applicable to the specific payment being made.

         E.     Personnel Evaluations

1.      The Personnel Committee shall evaluate annually (prior to October 1) all positions (except the Senior Pastor). Staff shall be evaluated in the areas of interpersonal and professional skills, work quality and quantity, dedication, initiative, attitude and conduct.

2.      In preparation for conducting evaluations, the Personnel Committee shall request that each employee complete a self-evaluation that includes an assessment of their job description, performance, vision, accomplishments, attitude, strengths and weaknesses. Each employee shall also list goals for the next year and any needs which will facilitate accomplishing goals in the upcoming year.

3.      In preparation for conducting the evaluations, the Personnel Committee shall also request input from the employee’s immediate supervisor and other church committees involved with the work of the employee. This input may include an analysis of accomplishments, interpersonal skills, professional skills, work quality, productivity, dedication, initiative, attitude and conduct, as well as suggestions for improvement or focus n the coming year.

4.      The Personnel Committee shall utilize the information from E (2 and 3) above as well as information gleaned from interviews with the employee to arrive at a fair and accurate evaluation. The results of the evaluation will be discussed with each employee, and the Personnel Committee shall make itself available for follow-p discussion with the employee upon request.

5.      Completed evaluations shall be prepared in written form, and copies shall be provided to the employee, the employee’s immediate supervisor, and the church office.

6.      The Personnel Committee shall encourage a positive and continual level of productive communication between the employees and the supervisors.

         F.      Vacation and Leave Policy

1.      Memorial Baptist Church has established a policy governing leave and vacation for its employees. All employees and supervisory personnel shall conform with these procedures. The Vacation and Leave Policy is in Attachment 3 9.

         G.    Personnel Pay Policy

1.      It shall be the policy of Memorial Baptist Church to pay its personnel twice per month on the 15th and the last day of the month.

2.      Payday shall be the last regular working day of the pay period, excluding weekends and holidays.

3.      Each paycheck shall reimburse personnel for their services during the current pay period. There shall be no hold-back of pay for one pay period.

4.      Paychecks shall be made available to personnel no later than noon on each payday.

         H.    Ministerial Expense Reimbursement Policy

1.      Expenses which are reimbursable shall be reimbursed on a frequency not to exceed once per pay period.

2.      Nontaxable reimbursements shall be made only after receipt of documented expenses in accordance with Internal Revenue Service requirements.

3.      Any remaining expense funds which were not reimbursed during the year may be provided to the minister at the end of the year as a taxable payment, if the funds were originally part of the minister’s salary package.



Approved by Memorial Baptist Church March 12, 2014