David Collins

Scott Quire

Brian Tackett

1.    Trustees


a.    The Trustees shall be composed of three members, each serving a three-year term. One-third of them shall be elected at the annual meeting. The Nominating Committee shall present names to fill vacancies and recommend a chairperson.

b.    The Trustees shall hold in trust the property of the church until their respective term expires or their successor has been elected by the church.

c.    The Trustees shall have responsibility for all legal matters concerning the ownership and operation of the church property. The Trustees shall act as legal agents as directed by the church.

d.    The Trustees shall recommend for church approval adequate insurance on buildings, equipment, vehicles, and furnishings including liability insurance.

e.    The Trustees shall recommend for church approval the purchase and/or sale of property.

f.     The Trustees shall recommend for church approval the borrowing of funds for needed purchases of additional property.

g.    The Trustees shall sign notes, incorporation documents, mortgages, deeds, and other legal documents only after church approval.

h.    The Trustees shall maintain in the church office and one other secure location an inventory of all legal documents.

i.     The Trustees shall counsel with other officers, committees, and organizations of the church concerning legal matters.

j.     The Trustees shall recommend for church approval the employment of legal counsel when deemed necessary.

k.    The Trustees shall meet as often as deemed necessary to complete the tasks assigned to them. They shall report to the church at the first stated business meeting following their meeting.