Team Leaders

Jim Franklin

Bob Fentress

Bill Wallace

Barry Lynch

Policies and Procedures



I.    Ushers for Memorial Baptist Church shall be led by a chairperson who is recommended by the Nominating Committee and elected by the church.


II.  The chairperson of the ushers shall develop plans for usher training and schedule a sufficient number of ushers to serve at all worship and special services conducted as a part of the church program.


III. Duties 


A.  Ushers shall be available during services to assist attenders in locating a seat.

B.  Ushers shall receive offerings at the designated time during the worship service.

C.  A designated usher (usually a deacon) shall meet a member of the Stewardship Committee in the Narthex (foyer) with all offerings received and sign the Offering Handling Form.

            D.  Other duties as assigned by the chairperson of the ushers.



Approved by Memorial Baptist Church on May 14, 2014