Worship and Arts

Team Leaders

Cara Meadows

Mike Colston

Policies and Procedures

Worship Team


A.    Team Membership


A.  The Worship Team shall consist of five members: 

1.   Worship Team Leader

2.   Technical Coordinator

3.   Vocal Coordinator

4.   Instrumental Coordinator

5.   Programming Coordinator

B.  Team members shall serve indefinite terms, subject to the desires of the membership. There shall be no formal rotation of members of this team.  

C.  All pastors shall be ex officio members of this team.


II.  Team Duties and Responsibilities


The Worship Team shall be responsible for:

A.  The overall programming of all regular worship experiences provided for the church body (not for age-specific worship experiences);

B.  Preparing and recommending an annual budget to the Stewardship Committee;


III. Policies and Procedures


A.  The Worship Team shall meet as often as necessary to program all the components of a multi-sensory worship experience around the theme as supplied by the Senior pastor.

B.  The Worship Team Leader will review the submissions of the vocal, instrumental, technical and programming coordinators to ensure a final product that is both a suitable offering to God and worshipful experience for the congregation. The Worship Team Leader will also be responsible for conducting worship team rehearsals.

C.  The Technical Coordinator will be at the forefront of sharing ideas for the use of lighting, audio, photography, & video to be incorporated in the worship experience. They will select, purchase and care for all equipment needed to carry out this ministry.

D.  The Vocal Coordinator will be at the forefront of sharing ideas for the use of solos, ensembles, choirs, instrumental features, and recordings—both established repertoire and new—to be incorporated in the worship experience.

1.   The Vocal Coordinator will include workers to care for all music inventory of the church. 

E.   The Instrumental Coordinator will be at the forefront of sharing ideas for the use of orchestral, keyboard and band music—both congregational and presentational—to be included in the worship experience.

1.   The Instrumental Coordinator will select, purchase and care for the instruments of the church and all repertoire needed to supply features from their area of ministry.

F.   The Programming Coordinator will produce the order of service with appropriate song selections and service flow.



Approved by Memorial Baptist Church May 14, 2014